Transforming Lives with Thoughtful Design

Humanizing technology, products, solutions and services by building delightful experiences for everyone.

From idea to MVP, and everything between

SHNORH guides businesses from idea to MVP by using AI to analyze data and provide personalized recommendations for development. This helps streamline the solution development process and increase customer delight.

AI for businesses

SHNORH is using AI to revolutionize businesses by analyzing data from various sources to identify promising business opportunities, predicting success rates, and providing personalized business outcomes for growth.

Helping businesses make data-driven decisions, increasing customer delight and accelerating their growth, leading to more innovative solutions.

Web3 design at scale

SHNORH helps businesses scale with Web3 by providing secure, scalable solutions on blockchain, assistance in building blockchain-based products, communities and access to multi-chain networks by providing easy transition to Web3.

Trusted by the worlds leading companies and leaders

We partner with the world's leading businesses to deliver excellent innovative solutions that change lives at scale

Building solutions across various industries

We help large enterprises, communities, startups, individuals, technology and non tech companies across a wide spectrum with design drives, delightful experiences, be it an AI or your living and working experiences.

Strategic Consultation

Leveraging our expertise in data analysis, AI, and Web3, Our experienced team of consultants works closely with startups and enterprises to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering personalized recommendations and solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Market analysis
Product & Solution market fit
Rethinking businesses
Innovation & development workshops
Leadership and team training

Experience Design & Development

SHNORH offers experience design and development services to startups, helping them build compelling and effective products or services that meet the needs of their target audience.

Web3 integration
AI for businesses
UX Design
Interaction design
Visual design
User research
Front-end development
Back-end development
Working with Sabina & Vivian, is always a great pleasure, as they truly under-stand not only the crafts behind UX in great detail, but also the mindsets and methods we apply in the different stages of the process. I highly recommend!

Martina Mitz

UX Psychologist, Strategist and Designer, Consultant
Berlin, Germany

SHNORH supported Data Mynt from the start by providing a range of specialized services that help us communicate our value, improve user experiences, and maintain a strong brand identity.

Alex Christian


The training & Certification programs at HFR&D come with an incredible experience. HFR&D team’s knowledge, industry insights and mentorship are unmatched, there’s fantastic work relationships beyond professional engagement. Let's build more programs that reach out to many more people wanting to learn and build their skills with this partnership.

Tushar Deshmukh

Founder & CEO UX Expert,
at UX/UI Testing Lab Pvt Ltd.

Building experiences in industries most people enjoy

Our approach is centered around creating engaging user experiences that drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

Fintech & Digital Banking

Blockchain, Web3 integration

Broadcast, Entertainment & News


Consumer & Enterprise

Education & Community Building

Let us help you transform how your business changes lives

We humanize technology, products, solutions, and services by creating delightful experiences that cater to everyone's needs.